Sob Sister – Bangs on Fire

“Bangs on Fire” is the second single from Sob Sister’s upcoming album, How I Do My Hair Now. It’s a neo-troubadour alternative rock love song about the romantic tension between two people that is so charged and powerful, it feels as if something is about to combust. Sob Sister again uses the superficial element of hair as a metaphor for growth, change, expression, a marker of time passing.

“Bangs on Fire” can be considered a sister to the album’s title track and lead single; “Bangs on Fire” is the glorious and exciting beginning of a relationship, “How I Do My Hair Now” is the bitter end. The b-side to the single is the emotional album cut “Assistant to the President”, a political piano ballad that traces the downfall of the narrator paralleled with the uprising of a plastic yet powerful aide to the president.

The upcoming album How I Do My Hair Now is a two-act, fifteen song emotional rock opera that takes the audience through an odyssey of self-realization in the form of melancholy rock/pop songs, what Sob Sister describes as MOPE POP. The album will be released the Fall of this year.

Grant Owens

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