Sophia Gripari – Lie To Me

Review by Rozie Loreaux

London born artist Sophia Gripari hits us where it hurts yet again with her latest single, “Lie to Me,” and sings the familiar tune of blissful ignorance.

A sparkling blend of Julia Michaels-modern pop, glimmering sounds and atmosphere, and an acoustic guitar holding up the lyrics of a heartbreak veteran. You’d think it would be a challenge to find a song that you could both cry to in the car after relating a little too hard AND dance to with your hands up in the air at a crowded concert – but Gripari seems to drop tracks like this from an endless vault. And when we can again crowd the general admission floor at our local venues, bet on this being the chorus you’ll be shouting the words to from the top of your lungs.

This artist, songwriter, producer, and overall trailblazer seems to grow with each single she releases; if this is the latest from Sophia Gripari, we should all prepare ourselves for what’s next.

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