Sophia Scott

Well, if it isn’t about time this tale is told. If you read this in her voice, it’d sound like razor-sharp lyricism spread into your ears with a voice that does them justice and the body of an acoustic electric guitar resting oh so comfortably on her lap. Did you know Sophia Scott has been cranking those mellifluous vocals onto the Internet for over five years(!) and we are just finding her? This is because she has started putting her original library together!

Good things take time and by the recent slate of bookings Sophia has scheduled, I think we all know that somethin’ a-brewin’ has a-brewed to a boiling point. Sophia Scott – on insta at @sophunky – has a soft but strong vocalization with inviting relatabilicisms that has me feeling like country but thinking like pop. Definitely guessing that there’s been a couple Taylor Swift songs on repeat for some times in her life (also, nobody should disagree with me that T-Swizzle is every bit as talented as you’re goddam right she it).

Sophia’s songwriting is no joke. I know that by looking at her release schedule—her songs are few and far in between—that she has an eye for perfection. If she was going for shallow stereotypical white girl she could have pulled it off years ago but alas, Sophunky is striving for quality, people! And it shows. Her repertoire is dotted achy-breaky-heart-string-pulling lyrics and unabashed lionization of herself.

Some would call that unapologetic. Personally, I think that word is played out but I’m using it anyway because her song called DRINK TOO MUCH WINE is as unapologetic as all-get-out. So there you have it. Quality, heart-felt originals and a slew of beautiful covers to keep you slathered in that vocal honey in the meantime while she works on her new body of work. I recommend the Michael Jackson one to start with, because I love me some classics. If I have a chance to touch base with her after her WFNM set, I’ll let you know what’s coming next for this Colorado belle.

Sophia Scott plays Tuesday at Madame Siam free at our weekly WFNM showcase! RSVP HERE

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