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[EP PREMIERE] Sophie and the Bom Boms: Going for the Heart

As long time fans and friends, we at We Found New Music are proud to present Sophie and the Bom Boms’ EP, “Going for the Heart.” Sophie and David wrote these tracks in hotels, basements and bedrooms around the world. The variety of influences allowed them to create a highly diverse EP, from a slow jam to high energy pop.

The first track, ‘Good,’ puts us right at the concert stage. Sophie’s soaring voice shines against a full band backdrop with complimentary backup vocals. ‘I Want It’ is a very cheerful and spazzy pop song, that makes me feel like I’m skipping in a meadow. Next is ‘Morning Sick’ in which Sophie’s lyrics feel very honest and portray raw, melancholy emotion. The final track, ‘Swim,’ pulls the EP together with a balanced mix of synth, live instrumentals and Sophie’s signature voice, full of spunk and happiness.

Yesterday marked the last scheduled show that Sophie and the Bom Boms performed in 2016, but we are very much looking forward to what they have to come! Give a listen to “Going for the Heart” on SoundCloud.

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