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Step into the known with Silent Mass

Silent Mass is a New York dreampop outfit headed by guitarist and singer-songwriter Ammo Bankoff. Known for their cinematic and deeply evocative music, Silent Mass incorporates elements of post-punk, shoegaze, rock, and ethereal pop for an abstract and enthralling listen. The band is set to release their debut album The Great Chaos on this year’s summer solstice June 20th, with fans expecting a whirlwind of unique sounds.

This year Silent Mass has released two musical gems, “Land of Heart’s Desire” and “Nest of Flowers”. “Land of Heart’s Desire” is a swirling atmospherical embrace complete with a bed of distorted guitars, stacked harmonies and emotionally charged drums. The song details the idea of how unfulfilled dreams and aspirations can inadvertently hurt those we love. Then there is “Nest of Flowers” shared in April, which is a passionate and euphoric affair. All about trusting the process, the autobiographical song is an ode to walking into a directionless path even when one doesn’t know exactly where it may lead. The song features haunting guitars, mystical vocals and droney rhythms that lead to a transcendent listening experience.

Silent Mass has found success with headlining sold out shows and sharing the stage with the likes of True Widow. With more music to come, WFNM is excited to hear what is next from this awe inspiring outfit.