Stephen: Fly Down

After two years of development, singer-songwriter/producer Stephen has released his second track in the past two months via Halfway House Records. Stephen is becoming known for his introspectiveness, his introspective. This inward journey is continued on “Fly Down,” a soulful ballad/anthem that confronts society’s issues with vulnerability, showing weakness. From the time we are little, we are constantly told how to act, how to look, how to feel, and how to display those feelings. This contributes to all sorts of identity issues in young adults, getting mixed messages on how they ought to behave. “Fly Down” directly deals with issues masculinity, perception, and self-confidence/consciousness, through allegory of Stephen’s relationship with a young woman to whom he refuses to show his own profound pain. This is a record the world needs to hear, especially the younger generations. Listen to this piano ballad with minimal electronic production and vocal chops (pitched up vocal samples), backed by compressed hip-hop informed drums.

Listen to the track, below, and get into Stephen’s head by visiting his regularly-updated open letter at

Grant Owens
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