StrangeFaces: Ruby

StrangeFaces: Ruby

There’s a lot of of electro/synth stuff going on right now, so it’s always refreshing when I hear some alternative-rock that I love. “Ruby” from the Los Angeles-based band, StrangeFaces, is a throwback to my emo days back in jr. high and I’m all here for it. With opening lyrics “I thought I’d let you know / My thoughts are darker than the room sometimes / I’ve broken my brittle bones / and pieced them back almost a million times”, I already knew that this was my song to listen to.

It’s always great when we, as humans, can connect through hurt… it feels good to heal with other people, and I think that “Ruby” is one of those songs that does it very well. Listening to this song is like going to Emo Nite LA, haha!

Check this band out before they blow up: Soundcloud / Twitter

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