ONLY ROAD is the latest from SUR who is your classic white boy trying to sound like an old blues singer in Mississippi in 1932 vibe. I don’t mean this as a bad thing. Some of my favorite artists fall into this category like Courtney Bairns, The Black Keys, Kings of Leon’s first album, and fellow NorCal rockers Creedence Clearwater Revival. However, SUR verves from these influences with ONLY ROAD’s faster tempo, dance beat and the indie edge to his voice. 

ONLY ROAD has an anthemic quality to it that would fit right in on the festival circuit more than his previous work which more sounds like the theme song from a gritty cop drama starring Matthew McConaughey and Ray Liotta… or maybe Jon Voight but I digress.  The song transitions into a Prince-esque voiceover and honestly, I’m down for anything that remotely sounds like Prince. Come back to us, Prince. Come baaaaack! While you’re waiting for Prince to come back from the dead, listen to SUR’s EP SAVAGE BEAST.  BALL N CHAIN is a banger.

Kate Bent