Surf Rock Ain’t Dead and Archer Oh Is Here to Prove It

It is not easy to make an impact in the music industry. It takes a combination of talent, charisma, and luck. Archer Oh is a phenomenal band I recently came across and they’re quite something. Hailing from Moreno Valley, California, the four-piece band is giving surf rock a breath of new life. It is led by Arturo “Archer” Medrano, and the band is known for its vehement passion, as well as for its infectious honesty and kindness. In spite of the ever-intimidating industry, the band’s spirits haven’t been dampened, and though their cult fanbase may lead you to believe otherwise, they’re as bright-eyed as ever. There is no doubt that Archer Oh’s ability to be themselves makes them so easy to love.

They’re now dropping their latest single “The Loneliest Surface”. They’re taking their music to a whole new level. Coming right out of their tour, they’re delivering their most interesting work to date. Archer Oh is an outstanding modern rendition of the surf rock sound. When listening, you will be transported, and feel like you are back in the ’60s. Somehow the song made me remember the prom scene from Back to The Future. The guitar work presented here is sublime, complementing hand in hand with infectious lyrics. This song is a refreshing take on the classic surf rock sound. The energy and feel-good vibes are perfect for a summer day. The combination of the classic surf rock sound with modern production techniques gives the song a unique flavor. While the guitar work gives the track an upbeat and fun energy, the lyrics bring a nostalgic feeling to the track, taking you back to the beach days of the 1960s. The track’s energy and feel-good vibes make it the perfect accompaniment for a summer day.

“We started writing this song at the beginning of this year as a sort of writing exercise, maybe as sort of an emotional outlet. At least, that’s how it was for me. I tried to limit which chords I was using and started playing around with different melodies and drum beats on GarageBand. I actually almost forgot about the song when we were bunking with Kameron, our booking agent in Idaho, and I decided to show him the demo on a whim. After hearing it, he very emphatically told us we needed to record it and put it out into the world. After discussing it with the rest of the team, we workshopped the song over the course of the whole tour and fast-tracked it to be recorded with Stefan Mac once we got home. This is the first song that we worked on in a legitimate studio and not recorded/produced by ourselves and we are so stoked about how it turned out. The song itself discusses broken relationships and feelings of isolation amidst the pressures of “performing” your life or duties for people that you feel you owe something to.” 

Archer Oh are still performing live. Their latest show at The Belasco was outstanding! They gave one hell of a performance. Anyone interested in joining their shows, please check out their webpage, or contact them through Instagram/Facebook. Their live shows are incredibly energetic and fun. They always engage with the crowd and make sure everyone has a blast. I will keep a close eye on what they release next, and you’d be wise to do the same. That’s everything I have for today. Thanks for reading! Till next time. 


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