Symone Royale Will Make You Dance to the Rhythm ‘Loose’

The singer and songwriter Symone Royale recently released her single ‘Loose’, a dance track full of enthusiasm, energy, and Latin rhythms that invite you to break free on the dance floor. The song captivates from beginning to end with bright, colorful sounds and one hundred percent party energy that compels you to  -at the very least- move your head and shoulders to the beat.

 “Loose” is about letting go and letting your hair down to dance like nobody’s watching. From the funky bassline to the catchy beat, it’s guaranteed to make you want to dance. There was a lot of sad music out during the time I wrote this song. I wanted to create something fun and playful that reflected all the good things that were happening in my life! So I packed my recording equipment and flew to Vegas to write new music and party.  – Symone Royale

“He likes it when I like my lips

So bougie when I flick my wrist

He came closer to me for a kiss

He likes the way I throw my hips

He likes it when I like my lips

He likes the way I wind my waist

Came closer to get a taste”

Symone’s voice deserves a separate mention because of how exuberantly it glides hand in hand with the music like another perfectly-suited instrument within the whole ensemble. At the same time, it feels velvety and seductive, not forgoing its central role within the piece.

Symone was involved with music from an early age. First, she grew up in a home full of sounds and different musical genres, in which she learned to appreciate the work of a diverse array of artists from different cultures. Added to that, her church was another great pillar in her formation because it was there where she learned to sing and play the piano. By the time she was sixteen, Symone was performing throughout the greater Houston area, keeping her in the spotlight throughout high school. Later, she attended Berklee College of Music, where she received her Bachelor of Music Business Administration.

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