Synth Pop Duo RYAL Laugh and Dance in the Face of Doom With Their Newest EP “The End Is Near Here”

Jacque Ryal, singer, and keyboardist, collaborates with producer Aaron Nevezie to form the electronic, alternative synth duo RYAL. The duo draws inspiration from Bonobo, Thom Yorke, Sbtrkt, Tame Impala, Damon Albarn, and Jesse Ware. Do we face the end of the world as we know it from pandemics to lanternfly invasions to climate catastrophes to earthquakes? Does the world seem to be coming to an end? The synth-electro duo RYAL explores that very question on their upcoming EP “The End Is Near Here”

The End Is Near Here is a special collection of songs, like nothing you have seen before. They immerse themselves deep into synth/electro sounds mixed with hip-hop. The EP’s single “The End” was heavily inspired by  Noga Erez, Blondie, and Beyonce’s Renaissance. The following track “Decent People” is described by the duo as “this track is if Donna Summers and Jarvis Cocker’s Pulp had a baby”. Then we have “A New Thing”, a window into how the world could look in the near future. 

The trio of songs shows us RYAL’s ability to produce electronic sounds that permeate the landscape, effectively using Jacque’s voice we’re sucked right into a surreal scenery. I sense a little bit of disco influence, especially in “Decent People”. Chic and unapologetic, the duo delivers a special experience. The two of them have a special chemistry, as they combine their technical expertise with their passion for music. Together, they create an unforgettable sound that captivates anyone who listens, drawing them into a world of vibrant colors and lush textures. It’s an entrancing experience that no one will forget. You can hear this influence in the upbeat rhythms and groovy basslines, as well as the vocally expressive lead and background vocals. The two of them are able to blend their own individual styles together, like a sonic painting, creating something fresh and exciting. Every instrument and every vocal line is carefully crafted to ensure that each song is a unique journey of its own.

“There were moments we got antsy and wanted to release but we stuck to our guns and kept to the theme. There isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t hear someone ask or say straight out that “this is the end” and lyrically I wanted to talk about what a lot of the collective is thinking”. – RYAL

The End Is Near Here shows RYAL’s musical progress, with Jacque jumping into uncharted territory and exploring and integrating genres. With that said RYAL focuses on keeping people dancing in the face of disaster while keeping a playful tone throughout the EP. It’s a testament to RYAL’s creativity and musicality that they can make such a unique sound and still keep people grooving. With this EP, RYAL is sure to make a lasting impression on the music world. That’s right, RYAL will make sure the world is shaking, not from fear of impending doom, but from the joy of dancing to their unique and creative sound!

The End Is Near Here is available on pretty much every streaming service. Put on your most gorgeous dancing dress, when the end comes, we’ll all go out in style. So make sure you get your copy of The End Is Near Here and start dancing! Let’s make sure that when the end comes, we’re all ready to go out with a bang!

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