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Tash Blake Delivers Bombshell Debut EP ‘ATOMIC BLONDE’

LA-based singer, songwriter Tash Blake delivers her debut, electro-pop fueled EP appropriately titled ‘ATOMIC BLONDE’ that carries strong messages and confident anthems.

Growing up immersed in dance and musical theater, Tash is undeniably a pop performer. Dubbed “the possible lovechild of Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Madonna” – Tash’s roots are on the dancefloor and reconfiguring herself in the pop world. Introducing her debut 5-track, project, ‘ATOMIC BLONDE’ is an introspective EP in which Tash analyzes her love and passion for dance music, but at the same time she’s analyzing herself and her budding career.

“ATOMIC BLONDE’ is both a feeling and a statement. There is a strength inside of you that can allow you to feel confident in who you are and who you want to become. My debut EP is all about empowering yourself to unapologetically be yourself while also serving as a reminder to let yourself recognize and feel the lows, but always reach for the highs.” – Tash Blake

Accompanying the 5-track project, the rising artist-to-watch revealed a glittering music video for the title track “ATOMIC BLONDE” that is set in an ultra-modern futuristic world – Tash dubs Plant Blonde – directed by Tyler-Marie Evans and choreographed by King Chris.

With lyrics that are forward and in your face like the legends that influenced her, Tash takes an edgy path to becoming a beacon of power and inspiration for women today.

Tash ignited her career by releasing her debut single, “Mannequin”, last December accompanied by a stunning music video that has amassed over 3.4 million views to date. The visual gives major femme-fatale vibes to empower anyone that’s been robbed of their identity within a manipulative relationship. Tash followed her lead single and teased her highly-awaited EP with the steady release of three dynamic, multi-layered singles – “So Bad Together,” “Inject Me,” and “DNA”.