Taylor Mecca comes of age in folk pop single “Growing Up Sucks”

A phenomenal songwriter, Taylor Mecca has the ability to bring out all the feels with her music. Her latest irresistible musical offering is the moving coming of age ballad “Growing Up Sucks”.

With her new single, Taylor Mecca shares all of the hardships that come with becoming an adult. From paying bills, working a day job, and even dating strangers, the songwriter discusses these many changes, some which aren’t always pleasant. The song also discusses the feeling of being stuck in your early 20s and holding on too tightly onto your youth. This important narrative is packaged into a soulful folk pop track filled with heavenly melodies, emotional guitar picking and cinematic strings. Taylor Mecca has released a song that is a must listen for anyone going through hard change.

The NY based artist is a young and powerful talent who has built a strong social media following. With more music on the horizon, we are excited to hear what this riser has next.

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