Teddi Gold – Not Done Here Yet

Teddi Gold is back with her second single,”Not Done Here Yet” and it is guaranteed to get you moving within the first 30 seconds. This song is so simple, yet textured and layered and deep all in once. Single snaps set the tone for the rest of the song while the beat continues to build up to the chorus. Teddi’s voice is accompanied by harmonies, pushing the power behind her words,”time flies and I haven’t found it, but I’m not done here yet”. The track behind the chorus feels Latin inspired, but is made unique by the texture of horns rounding the song to sound full and passionate. Teddi’s lyrics are inspiring and relatable, not just making you dance, but she is making you sing at the top of your lungs. For Teddi’s second song that will not fail to get stuck in my head, I am even more excited to see what her career will hold this year.

Janie Hammond