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The Know return with dream pop single “Used to Be”

Husband and wife Jennifer Farmer and Daniel Knowles are Los Angeles based duo The Know. The two are known for their bewitching fusion of dream pop, shoegaze and psychedelia. Their latest single is the highly textured song  “

Used to Be” and is a captivating listen. The atmospheric new single “Used to Be” profiles a turbulent and troubled relationship and the highs and lows that can ensue. Gentle infectious melodies glide effortlessly over amplified affected guitars and hazy landscapes for a captivating musical journey. The video, which was written and directed by singer and member Jennifer Farmer, features intense memories as well as mundane moments of a destructive relationship. 

“Used to Be” is the first single and visuals from the band off of their upcoming EP called EP 2. With a knack for existencial songwriting and a hallmark sound full of reverb heavy guitars and honey-dipped vocals, The Know is a must listen.