The Millennial Club – feel the same

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is a day for lovers, for love, SELF LOVE, and singles awareness (lol). It’s also a day of new and beautiful music! We got a new fresh love tune for you from So-Cal group The Millennial Club.

We are big fans of the Millennial Club here at We Found New Music, and they absolutely crushed their live performance for our weekly WFNM Hollywood showcase back in December.

The chorus is still stuck in my head, “do you feel the same?” This song feels like a young, fresh and budding relationship that hasn’t been defined yet, and it’s time to have THAT conversation. (Do you like me baaack?) I love this song and I always love how TMC never fails to bring me back to my high school, puppy-love feels.

It’s the nostalgic classic California sound that they get closer to perfecting with each track. Make sure to bump “feel the same” in the car all Valentine’s Day weekend long and beyond: this is a perfect summer track that is already in my driving-to-the-beach playlist.

Here’s what the band had to say about “feel the same”:

“The song is a token to that time of my life when I was constantly wondering, where it was stressful, yet now, I’m incredibly happy. It’s meant to be a relatable tribute released on Valentine’s Day for both couples and singles, depending on which stage you’re at.”
-Andres Owens

The Millennial Club consistently delivers bouncy-yet-smooth r&b vibes with floaty guitar lines over dreamy key synths and soothing vocals with true emotion revealing this sweet young love story. Hope you enjoy “feel the same” as much as we did, and as always looking forward to the next track from budding group The Millennial Club!

Chandler Juliet