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The moss share addictive new single “Insomnia”

Utah based and Hawaiian born four-piece indie rock band the moss has just shared their insanely infections new single. Called “Insomnia”, the track is becoming a viral hit.

“Insomnia” is all about that all consuming feeling of falling in lust with someone. They are on your mind constantly and doing everyday things like sleeping, eating and working are a choir when all you can think about is them. Through arena worthy surf rock guitar solos, heightened vocals full of fervor and melodies that won’t quit, the moss have managed to write the summer anthem we all need.

The fun loving quartet all live in one apartment complex in Magna, UT. They can frequently be found all across the U.S. though, performing their enticing high energy indie rock to their dedicated fanbase. With more music to come, we can’t wait to hear what is in store from the moss.