The Synth-Astic Spiritual Power of Telos Vision

Teodor Boogh better known as Telos Vision is a Swedish multi-instrumentalist artist who clearly takes after the aesthetic sensibilities of the hippy movement though in an absolutely contemporary context that is far from gimmicky or tone-deaf. Telos Vision has established a reputation by collaborating with some of the most prominent artists from Sweden, including The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Graveyard, Little Dragon, The Hellacopters, and many more.

Prepare your ears for mind-expanding synths and acid-laced guitar riffs that will leave you in an altered state of consciousness from how they found you. Telos Vision’s newest release “Wake Up” is a day-tripper’s delight with a sound that’s a tad less nostalgic than you would expect and far more unique than you can imagine.

Don’t let my excitement deceive you into forming incorrect assumptions. “Wake Up” doesn’t resemble any of The Mamas & The Papas’ music -or whatever else the word “hippy” conjures up in your head-. It has a sound that leans more towards Tame Impala, with a touch of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and perhaps a hint of The Grateful Dead in there for good measure. “Wake Up” is undoubtedly an exceptional manifestation of indie rock of its own kind, because Instead of relying on direct influences and inspiration, it skillfully utilizes memories embedded in certain synth and guitar sound and their malleability to create something truly fresh while paying homage to the aesthetics and vibes of the past.

Wake Up” is no solitary release and it’ll be best understood in the full context of Telos Vision’s latest album, “Traces of Light”.Teodor spent a year in the studio writing, playing, and recording this LP. The album features a wide range of sound but where the synths play a major role. Although Teodor performs most of the instruments on the album himself, he carefully chooses his collaborators. For the album artwork, he enlisted the help of Andrew McGranahan, who has designed merchandise for famous musicians like Paul McCartney and My Morning Jacket.  Teodor is currently on tour with Graveyard since October and up to December.


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