The Outer Vibe: Pink Moon + Live Performance on WFNM!

“Pink Moon” was inspired by The Outer Vibe’s very first visit to Los Angeles. Before the visit, they had a vision of what the city would be like, a vision more antiquated and influenced by the 1980s LA that you see in movies: beautiful people, lots of hustle and bustle, and cocaine. What they found was something a little different than the picture Hollywood paints.

The track itself sounds like a sunny day in Southern California. ‘Pink Moon’ is a tribute to all the young professionals on the daily grind. The narrator’s ghostly voice, glazed with the naiveté of someone new to the city of angels, paints a picture of many characters from different walks of life and how they are all chasing the same dream. The disco strings, along with the bass and drums, give this track a bouncy feeling that will keep you singing and dancing along. Overall, Pink Moon is a feel-good dance track with a hook that isn’t easily overlooked.

‘PINK MOON’ performed live for WE FOUND NEW MUSIC

Read more about the inspiration behind the song at The Outer Vibe’s web journal here.

Walk along the stars with our new single #PinkMoon ???

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