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There’s No Comparing Sariah’s New Single

Hailing from a quaint suburb bordering the vibrant pulse of New York City, Sariah discovered her velvety, soulful voice at a young age. Immersed in the studio, she dedicated herself to crafting and capturing her musical narratives, finding solace in music amidst life’s tumultuous journey. Influenced by the captivating presence and empowerment exuded by luminaries such as Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, and Adele during their early careers, Sariah is determined to forge her own enduring legacy in the realm of music.

Above all things, Sariah is a powerhouse vocalist with a penchant for baring her soul out in every note she hits or belts, and you’ll find nothing short of endless praise for her capabilities wherever you look. In her newest song, “Compare” she more than lives up to the expectations she’s set with her previous track, “WYD (What you Doing).”

“When I heard ‘Compare’ I instantly related to the lyrics in the second verse “You take the fun out of love you made me hate it” I sing and I think it’s so true. To me, the beat is almost fun but I’m actually saying a lot of heartfelt things. At the time of recording ‘Compare’ I had just ended a long “relationship” and I put quotes because looking back now I can see it was very one-sided. When someone doesn’t love you back the way you love them you can lose yourself in it. It can be a really hard challenge to get out of that space luckily I have music I can put these emotions in a song and leave them there almost like a diary.”

“Compare” opens up with gorgeous guitar chords and a melancholic mood, but soon the purely acoustic elements give way to a very solid pop beat reminiscent of early Britney-era sounds.  Musically the track does an impressive whole lot with actually very few elements, resulting in a minimalistic and almost expressionistic take on R&B that elevates Sariah’s vocals and her empathic performance above all else.