Violet Days – This Year’s Summer – FIRE ROUND: Four Reasons Why

Swedish indie pop artist and songwriter, Lina Hansson professionally known as Violet Days returns with her first release of the decade “This Year’s Summer.” A shimmering, ebullient bop, “This Year’s Summer” takes a hopeful perspective on the quarantined summer at hand. In her own words, “I know this is a difficult moment for everyone and it feels a odd to be releasing new music, but somehow with all the darkness happening in the World, I really needed a moment of positivity.”

Without further ado, four reasons why we’re feeling “This Year’s Summer.”

1. The electric bass riff in the intro, which repeats throughout the song and sets a retro vibe for this lustrous groove.

2. Written during the beginning of quarantine via Zoom with collaborators Kris Eriksson and Cassandra Ströberg, the lyrics makes a distinct note of the circumstances the world is in presently, creating an interesting time capsule effect, allowing us to capture this peculiar moment in life.

3. The cathartic, anthemic feel for the chorus. Hansson’s voice floats lightly over the ironically joyous instrumental and driving beat, until she moves into half-time, playing with the rhythm in a whimsical fashion.

4. The overarching feeling of freedom shared through the song, especially during a period where the world feels so isolating and restrictive, Violet Days gives us a much needed dose of sonic hope.

Listen to “This Year’s Sumer Below!”

Jessica Thomas