Thomston: Rocketfuel

Thomston: Rocketfuel

Thomston’s latest single “Rocketfuel” warps me back to a time when pure pop songs had some of the catchiest melodies, and a time when I, too, hit some awkward bumpy roads while having a crush. The chorus takes off in an old school Timberlake-esque shape that kinda makes you feel a little wavy — whatever that means (not really sure, but that’s just how it makes me feel), and somewhere along the way R&B undertones lift the song even higher.

The New Zealand artist always puts out his best — each time upping the ante, and “Rocketfuel” seems to be the track that will send him off to much greater heights. There are very few male pop artists that have resonated with me lyrically and sonically so I truly believe Thomston could be your next artist to watch.

“Rocketfuel” is the third single ahead of his debut album “Topograph” that’s due out 9/30! Mark your calendars and keep your ears open.

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