Tomsy Countdowns for Bravery’s Sake

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Tomsy, also known as Tom McGeoch, is a multi-talented musician who embarked on his musical journey as a drummer in pop punk bands at the tender age of 11. After honing his skills and graduating from Berklee College of Music, he set his sights on the vibrant city of LA to pursue his dreams of a music career. Throughout his artistic evolution, Tomsy has not only showcased his prowess behind the drums but has also embraced his true calling as a creative artist. Having lent his talents to over 100 artists and bands through drumming, songwriting, and producing, Tomsy has now found his musical voice, and we can hear it better than ever in his newest single – which is fresh out of the oven!

Tomsy’s “321” is a mesmerizing single that flawlessly captures the sweet, warm essence of synth-pop, betting on nostalgic memories and association as a way to convey its frankly sweet core message. With a musical style that is as romantic as it is vibrant and playful, Tomsy’s identity shines on this track in an all-too-natural way that is very difficult to find. 

To celebrate the milestone that “321” represents, Tomsy threw a party in the hills and he had it shot. The breezy music video is as much a celebration of the song itself as it is Tomsy’s way of signaling his commitment to bring as many good vibes to as many people as will listen to him. One particular moment of cinematographic brilliance comes up when the song’s sax solo burst forth and we’re treated to ethereal and oneiric visuals matching to perfection.

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“321” weaves a captivating tale of pouring out heartfelt emotions to someone, taking listeners on an enchanting journey of love and vulnerability. Tomsy describes hesitation in confessing their feelings to someone. The countdown of “3, 2, 1” signifies their readiness to reveal their emotions. They admit to playing it slow and letting the other person be while their feelings continue to grow. The uncertainty of whether the other person feels the same way is acknowledged in the same way he seems willing to face the potential consequences of finally acting on his feelings and coming clean, even if it leads to tears. 

The production is masterfully crafted, creating an immersive experience that beautifully complements the emotive vocals. Tomsy’s “321” is an irresistible blend of nostalgic synth-pop vibes, heartfelt storytelling, and impeccable artistry.


Photo by Brayten Bowers

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