TRAILS – “The Night’s Our Town”

Often stripping back the many layers of complexity can prove to be an incredibly arduous task. Especially for a musical mastermind similar to that of rising producer TRAILS, finding a simpler way to convey your message sonically is sometimes more challenging than whipping up intricate productions.

Hence the release of anthemic bop “The Night’s Our Town” (June 28), marks a significant point in TRAILS’ artistic and compositional journey. Unlike his prior three releases under the TRAILS moniker, often boasting a blend of synthesized and natural sounds, “The Night’s Our Town” is 100% organic. In his own words,

“Two years ago I told myself I want to make music that was much simpler & catchy, and maybe more pop than what I was used to creating… I started this song when I was shifting to a more organic or handmade sound… and it’s the first song of mine that has not a single virtual instrument or computer note in it, which gives it more of a band sound than the sound you know of TRAILS.”

A summery jam in its truest sense, “The Night’s Our Town” is a playful testimony to the exhilarating (and often nocturnal) adventures that accompany the bliss of a youthful summer. Relinquishing anything or anyone that rains on your parade, TRAILS encourages his listeners to be who they want to be and just have fun. Matching the carefree nature of the lyrics, a refreshing indie-pop vocal serves up a ridiculously catchy melody, combined with punchy percussion and finishing off with TRAILS’ staple, a riveting guitar solo. The overall vibe can be described in two words, pure freedom.

Whether you’re in the middle of your teenaged summer dream or feeling nostalgic cooped up in an office this lovely Monday afternoon, “The Night’s Our Town” is a breath of fresh air and an absolute must listen.

Jessica Thomas