Trapdoor Social is my new favorite band

This is me writing about my new favorite band, Trapdoor Social.

First, they just dropped a stoke worthy new track, Whispers.

What a funky jam. If you listen to Trapdoor Social’s discography, you’ll recognize this is a bit more of a somber sound than you might be used to. I encourage you to listen and you might think about how this “somber” song keeps its chugging, plugging energy that stays your heart beating and your head bobbing along. Get used to that, that’s Trapdoor Social.

If this is your first time hearing about Trapdoor Social and you’re looking for a more upbeat song to introduce you to (seriously, this should be) your new favorite band:

We find a lot of new music at We Found New Music. That’s why I write for them. So I’ll say this: Go listen to Trapdoor Social. Not convinced? Fine. I’m going to write about why you should listen to them and it’s going to be a long enough list that you might as well just pop on over to your local digital music provider, type in t-r-a-p-d-o-o-r-space-s-o-c-i-a-l and then click play on the first song available. It might be Hold Me Down or Fine on My Own. Go on, I’ll wait…

Great. Now, let’s talk about Trapdoor Social. Conveniently, I’ve called in an expert, the appropriately named Skylar Funk otherwise known as the frontman of the band you’re about to fall in love with.

I’m not great with genre defining but I’m gonna go ahead and call them alt rock. I think that fits, along with convertible top down driving music. Driving fast music. But they also have walking slow music.

Here’s a list of reasons why you might like Trapdoor Social:

  1. You like feeling wind in your hair.
  2. You like walking slow.
  3. You like meaningful lyrics.
  4. You like guitarists that don’t mess around.
  5. You like positivity.
  6. You want to dance and jump around…
    1. but you don’t want to listen to EDM.
  7. You are in love.
  8. You might be in love.
  9. You like vocal harmonies and – what is that – a trumpet?
  10. You’re looking for good new music.
  11. You’re looking for really good new music.

If you started listening to them when I asked you to, you already get it. I’m happy to be their 3,218th Spotify follower. Won’t you join me?

I spoke with Skylar for way too long without mentioning the band because he’s a fiery spirit that you might imagine from his solar-powered sun flare music. We spoke about philosophy, about freedom, about what it means to be responsible to take care of the world we live in. He’s a passionate man and nothing I type here can do that justice, so I’ll let him speak for himself by immediately switching the subject to this incredibly cool music video:

I love music videos. So I’m really impressed by how cool Truth is.

Artists have a special ability to influence people. These artists do not wave that power lightly. Their words are imbued with meaning that’s a little bit more prescient than you’ll find in your typical band.


Go see them on February 13th at Bar Lubitsch – purchase tickets now!

(I’ll be out of town, so… take some video for me and please convince them to play another show soon.)

Orly Israel
Orly was the first baby to be born in a blimp. He loves to write, surf, and think about the day he gets two Holstein cattle a Bernese Mountain dog and a little black cat as pets.