Nashville-based Trella releases her second single “Retreat” today off her upcoming EP, Vapor. The song is the perfect feel-good addition to your chill, relaxing, low-key playlists. It combines the pure goodness of pop with undertones of jazz and tropical island vibes, instantly transporting the listener to the beach.

Growing up on Florida beaches, she was influenced by The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson’s songwriting to pick up a guitar and start writing songs. A preacher’s kid, she got her start in music as a Christian songwriter at a young age and when the time came, moved to Nashville and jumped straight into the thriving songwriting community.

While writing for other people, she kept a few personal songs close to her. “I felt like I had a handful of songs that were calling for me to sing them. They were so vulnerable and close to my heart, I felt like it was my story to tell.” In the summer of 2015, in collaboration with her friend, songwriter/producer, Aaron Krause, she started working on her EP, Vapor.

“Retreat” was inspired by a trip home for the holidays. “I wrote this song while watching the sunrise on the beach one morning and it flowed out very naturally… I want people to think of the person, place or thing that they find retreat in from the chaos of life. For me, it’s the ocean. I want people to be reminded of home, whatever that is for them and be brought back to the calm that they find in it.”

Grant Owens
Main Administrator

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