Tusks – Be Mine

Tusks, the London-based signee from One Little Indian label, recently finished her openings for Bear’s Den European leg of ‘So that you can hear me’ tour. She’s now busy prepping up for the upcoming second album, which has snowballed into an ‘Avalanche’, due in June 14th.

‘Be Mine’ has captivated me convincingly with Tusks’ dreamy voice along with the melancholic guitar and the ongoing beats of the drum. Before I could fully realize what’s next in the song, Tusks hit us with an infectious hook – ‘do you want to be mine, do you want to be mine’…

The track simply talks about the vulnerability versus the excitement at the beginning of a relationship. All in all, we have Tusks to thank for, for adding to our list of songs where the majority of us could totally relate to!

Vivienne Do