Velvet Starlings – Technicolor Shakedown

“Technicolor Shakedown” is the newest single from LA-based garage rock up and comers Velvet Starlings and is the titular track of the band’s upcoming debut album due out September 29. The track thrums with a frenetic energy, the type of thrashing guitar riffs that make life worth living, head banging drums and an epic tambourine. Who doesn’t love a tambourine moment? The track has all there is to love about the Velvet Starlings sound. Highly reminiscent of bands like The Kinks, the Velvet Starlings pays homage to the great bands of the 60s while sounding wholly themselves. With their garage rock sensibilities, the band’s unbridled rebellious energy is on full display in the track which starts with a sexy sneer and then builds to a fevered pitch. Singer and guitarist Christian Gisborne uses the catchy refrain of “turn it up and turn it on” as a call to arms to live life at full volume. According to Gisborne, “the track is an anthemic ode to going out and to the live music experience and colorfully describing the energy of catching your favorite band on the local scene and being packed in ‘like sardines’ and loving every minute of it.”

Velvet Starlings is one local band we can’t wait to catch again live. It is only live that one can truly appreciate the rawness of their sound due to how dynamic Gisborne is as a performer. He has an uncanny ability to captivate the audience and he has a confidence well beyond his years. Luckily, there are a few opportunities coming up to catch them in person. Velvet Starlings is playing The Observatory on August 20 with The Grinns and Summerfest on September 19 with The Struts. Be sure to catch them at one of those upcoming dates and stream “Technicolor Shakedown” out now.

Kate Bent
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