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Vi City Is Showing Everyone the True Essence of Rap on “Hotels and Heartbreaks”

Yo, listen up! I’m here to introduce you to everyone’s new favorite rapper, Vi City. His music has skyrocketed in popularity recently and for a good reason. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the business and he is ready to make a name for himself. Vi City’s journey to success is an inspiring one. He hails from Chicago, where he first discovered his love for music. Thanks to his work with legendary Nelly he had the chance to display his adaptability and writing. After this, he collaborated with Sir Michael Rocks, and co-produced tracks for Young Money alongside super producer Rich Skillz. He founded his own empire, Hundreds Entertainment, and signed multi-instrumental performing and singing artist, Phoînix Keyz. Thanks to this he has been able to expand his reach and create a platform for other artists to showcase their talent. Vi City’s goal is not only to elevate himself but also everyone close to him. He is devoted to supporting the next generation of artists.

“Hotels and Heartbreaks,” the latest album from Vi City, is an exceptional compilation of 10 distinct tracks. Let’s delve into the heart of this masterpiece by discussing its unforgettable melodies, powerful lyrics, and overall impact on the industry.

Our opening theme is a cinematic introduction that takes us through “The Check In” experience at a hotel, leading to our next track “City Life.” Vi City is showing how it is done. Some honest rapping right here with a marvelous rhythm to accompany it. Easy 10/10. “Angels Talk” featuring standout artist Ari Stylez, is another banger. The intro to the song feels almost like gospel, something straight out of early 00’s R&B. Like the previous song, this one doesn’t disappoint. “Anguilla” is next, and our boy Ari Stylez is also here. He and Vi City make such a good combo, both delivering performances that will blow you away. “Baby I Need You” is another throwback to a more traditional R&B. Of course, Vi City infuses this with modern rap and the result is exceptional. Next stop is “Won’t Do,” where Vi City displays a more seductive side. A slower take that I happen to really dig. This one in my opinion stands out on the album. “Room Service” is the interlude to the ordeal. Short but sweet. “Deuces & Waves” is where Vi City now joins forces with Vega Heartbreak, adding synths to the mix. The synths really give it an edge and the collaboration works incredibly well. The track is very catchy and impossible to resist. In “Rearview” Vi City is joined by the unique KES KROSS. Rap undiluted is given to us and we’re more than happy to take it all. The beat is groovy and the lyrics are on point. This track is the definition of a successful collaboration. It’s an absolute must-listen. We reach the end with “The Check Out”, Vi City narrates his experience in this short outro. “Very interesting,” he says. And I have to agree with him. 

One of the most impressive things about “Hotels and Heartbreaks” is its range. From the soulful “Angels Talk” to the upbeat “Won’t Do,” each track showcases Vi City’s skillfulness. The album is also incredibly personal, with Vi City delving into his own experiences. It’s clear that the album is a labor of love, and he poured his heart and soul into each track. If you haven’t checked out the “Hotels and Heartbreaks” yet, do yourself a favor and give it a listen. You won’t be disappointed.