viisi drops new breakup banger “hate u”

viisi is an artist who weaves influences of hip-hop, alt-pop, and electronic into his one-of-a-kind sound. By expanding his musical horizons and infusing his unique aesthetic essence, his authentic style has garnered a dedicated fanbase that is always eagerly awaiting for what’s next.

viisi’s latest release “hate u” draws together heavy undercurrents of electric guitar, choppy breaks that leave you on the edge of your seat, and lush electronics that glide over the track. Written about viisi’s comeback after a gnarly breakup, “hate u” is laced with raw heartbreak that he counters with a poetic backstab. He further adds, “This single is my breakup anthem. It’s a song riddled with resentment towards a past relationship. Starting as a broken man and working my way into finding my self confidence, but keeping my light heartedness throughout by knowing that no matter how much you hate me, I love how you can always f-ck me like I’m somebody else.”  Towing the line between hip-hop and pop, viisi captivates with sharp banter making “hate u” the ultimate breakup track. Take a listen to viisi’s new single “hate u” now.

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