Vincent Liou – Boomer Humor (Music Video)

Arizona-based artist Vincent Liou released the official music video, for his track “Boomer Humor”, which is a part of his four track EP titled ‘Big Surf’. The lyrics about heartbreak paired with the lighthearted pop melody and fun-filled music video pulls you into Liou’s sunny, whimsical and unique world.

Liou flew out to Los Angeles, California to work on the music video with director Brad Wong and shot at a ranch with horses, working tractors, and an open field. Liou really enjoyed filming outdoors and even got a little help from one of the actresses to come up with the dance. This positive experience definitely shines through in the music video!

Watch the cinematic music video for “Boomer Humor” HERE:

This track is personal compared to Liou’s other songs, given this is the first song he wrote that has any influence from his current day job and hobbies. Not to mention, it tells the story of being ghosted from a seemingly pleasant and budding relationship – only to eventually realize the girl was looking to cheat on her boyfriend with Liou. His overall message? Always look forward to the future and follow your dreams before you get too old!

Here’s what the talented artist had to say about the track:

“Honestly, I wrote this song when I was super low, but also knowing that it would eventually get better. I thought to myself, ‘What’s the point of writing a sad song when you’re sad?’ I intentionally made this song to be as happy as possible, and I’d like the listeners to just feel better after listening to it.”

-Vincent Liou

Loved discovering this gem and his entire new EP “Big Surf”, as it’s so refreshing to find artists completely owning their own lane. Looking forward to see what this Vincent Liou has next for us!

Chandler Juliet