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Vintage Has Never Felt So Modern: The Number Red’s Incredible Single “Up in Space” Is Exactly What You Need Right Now

The ever-evolving incarnation and independent music collective, The Number Red, have recently released their highly anticipated debut album titled “The Purple Light.’ With a sound that combines elements from the alternative genre with influences from 60s folk, 80s indie, soul, psychedelic, and dream/synth pop, this album shows us their exemplary and eclectic style. Crafted in an underground studio on the outskirts of Berlin, the album captures the essence of the band’s improvised concepts and experiences. It’s a real portrayal of their shared experiences, exploring themes of loss, spiritual exploration, and new beginnings. Taking inspiration from records such as David Bowie’s “Low,” they sought to represent their sound and ideas in a way that could only be achieved through a more hands-on approach. Using all of this they have built a collection of nine amazing songs. The album’s creation was a collaborative effort, with ideas often born during overland travel across various countries in Europe. The band would embark on these journeys in an old 1990s Volkswagen Golf, allowing the ever-changing landscapes and experiences to shape their creative process. These initial ideas would then be further explored and developed in the studio setting, where the band would utilize an old 70s drum machine and Moog synthesizers to improvise various musical layers. Over time, these improvised tracks would be carefully sculpted into their final versions, creating an interconnected album.

Let’s begin with the album’s focus track, titled “Up In Space:”

“Up In Space” is a slow-spaced ballad that gets into your head and stays there. The instrumentation is subtle but effective, creating a perfect atmosphere for the vocals. It strongly resembles the sound of The Jefferson Airplane, Peanut Butter Conspiracy, and a more modern band such as The Black Angels. The almost vintage arrangement is exquisite to hear. The spirit of the ’60s is alive and well within this composition, also taking their David Bowie influences to heart. It perfectly encapsulates The Number Red’s extraordinary melody. The guitar is what makes this song stand out from the rest of the album. Using their unique style the band will be able to transport us to a different era, where things were simple but also more fun.

The track is a primal call out to the cosmos for reunification with a love lost. This song was unique in that it was all completed in one take and came out completely improvised by the band; lyrics, music, everything. It came together during a late-night recording jam in Berlin after our lead vocalist sat down at the piano and started to play some chords and the rest is history. It was very much a case of being led by the muse as from one moment to the next the band had no control over whether the ‘jam’ would fall apart at any instant or morph into a song in its own right. The hypnotic pulsating and repeating chords are a testament to The Number Red spontaneously holding it together whilst trying to leave another space for a narrative to be weaved throughout the vocal delivery. A song that really did fall from the sky or perhaps from the place where its name suggests.” – The Number Red about Up In Space

“Siddhartha” is our opening song. The guitars are accompanied by a deep voice. Remember the Zack Snyder Dawn of the Dead remake? In its opening scene, it had a montage right after the opening where we could hear “The Man Comes Around” by Johnny Cash. The Number Red vocalist perfectly evokes Cash’s voice. Next is “Can’t Hide From The Heat” which is a complete change of pace. Cheerful and emotive, the vocalist takes an approach similar to Frank Sinatra with a little speed on the side. The 50s vibes are impossible to resist. It is incredible the range of genres on display so far on the album. What do you get if you mix Elvis with psychedelic? “Ever Look Back” is the result of this union. The spirit of the 60s is alive and well within “Your Love Is a Gateway Drug”, the instrumentation is fabulous and the band has managed to transport us to many different eras. This speaks volumes about their masterful skill as musicians. “The Sixteenth Day” is easily my favorite song. Another ballad is in hand. If you feel kinda lonely “The Loner” is exactly what you need. The haunting vocals and intricate guitar work make it a beautiful track. “The Loner” is an emotional journey that I highly recommend. We are near the end! “When I Had Eyes” kinda reminds me of an old prom song. It’s a simple, yet powerful song that highlights the band’s talent and craftsmanship. Last but not least, “Beautiful Human.” And what a perfect way to wrap things up. The spirit of David Bowie is real and present as the band delivers an immaculate conclusion to the album.

The Number Red have cemented their position as a force to be reckoned with in the independent music scene with the release of The Purple Light. However, this is only the beginning. They have already recorded a couple of albums during the final stages of their time in Berlin, as well as completed some analog sessions during an extended stay in Madrid. These upcoming releases promise to further demonstrate their lovely sound, building upon the foundation laid by The Purple Light. In addition to their recording endeavors, they are planning to embark on a tour in 2023/2024. This will give people the opportunity to experience their exceptional live performances and immerse themselves in the energy and passion that the band brings to the stage.

All I gotta say is they are just getting warm and will continue to release amazing music very soon. Keep a close eye on the release of their next work and don’t miss them if they happen to visit your little town on their tour. You will be in for the experience of a lifetime!