Waiting For Smith – Trade It In

Trade It In is the third single from UK based band Waiting For Smith and has a fun, upbeat pop rock sound that gives me very Jack Johnson in 2002-03 vibes. Like the summer I worked at a flower stand in Laguna Beach, this would have been on repeat. Hard

After breaking his back during avalanche training in the French Alps (I mean, haven’t we ALL been there), Waiting For Smith learned guitar while recuperating in bed for a year. I, too, have had to spend a year in bed recovering from a back injury. But replace doing something useful like learning the guitar with smoking pot and watching war documentaries. Maybe this song has such a laid back beach vibe because he wanted to think about the opposite of snow.

I’m also biased towards Waiting For Smith because he’s from Oxford, where I studied abroad in 2007. After going to many parties in the hometown of Radiohead, I’m just excited that Waiting For Smith learned something besides their greatest hits. There was always that point in the party where it was like “No, Richard! Sit down! No one wants to hear your acoustic cover of Creep A GODDAMN GAIN.” Creep is the Oxford equivalent of What I Got by Sublime is to frat parties.

Hey, Waiting For Smith, tell the guys at the Purple Turtle that I say hi. I’m also down for a pint at the Cock And Camel next time I’m in the UK.

Editor’s Note: the writer was very excited to finally find a use for the Oxford jokes that she’s had for yeeeeeears

Kate Bent