WFNM Roundup #1 – William., Kios, XY&O, Ladysse

“Fall On Me” is a slow-burn of a single by William. It grows in intensity with atmospheric guitars and a thumping groove. The falsetto vocals are haunting and the chorus hits home with its airiness. There’s even a guitar solo in this track that twists the knife and ushers in a powerful final chorus.

Kios just released their new energetic single “Right Now”. This song immediately starts with frantic energy & swift guitar lines reminiscent of Two Door Cinema Club. The vocals have a unique style and the call-and-response style of the verse is really powerful. The chorus hits hard and immediately gets you dancing. This is a sunny-day-driving-song at its finest!

“Shades of You” by XY&O is a fascinating and vibey new track. The vocals cut through clearly, resting comfortably in the space created by the spacious track. The chorus melody is incredibly memorable and fun to sing along to while the post-chorus vibes with a minimalistic house style. This is a strong new single from XY&O.

“Young Hearts” by Ladysse immediately captured me with its production. Gritty & vocal, the first 10 seconds of this song makes it clear this isn’t typical summer-pop production. The production is clever with details tucked between each vocal line. The vocals are crisp and full of positive energy that makes it easy to buy the cheerful summery vibe. And this is definitely more of a summer/beach track which becomes obvious by the “hey’s” in the anthemic chorus, but the song is short, sweet, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Nathan Irving
Nathan Irving (aka Nate Flaks) is a writer for WFNM & 1/2 of the electronic indie-pop duo Sleeping Lion.