WFNM Roundup #5 – Verskotzi, Ian Kimmel, Clyde Kelly, TyC

“Float” by Verskotzi captured me with its unique production and enticing vocals. The keyboard throughout is expertly chopped and the sound design of the production elements are unlike anything I’ve heard in a while. Verskotzi’s vocals are also supported by awesome layers and processing that feels crisp and haunting. Full of vocal chops and swelling synths, the drops is a powerful vibe that comes in strong and stays heavy with a gritty synth lead. This track has an awesome atmosphere that takes you on a journey while keeping you on your toes.

Ian Kimmel has released his first single of 2018 called “Pono”. A smooth slow-jam, starting with a haunting falsetto, this song has a vibe that feels classic and fresh all at once. There’s a funky bass that carries the track along as the frantic chorus grooves along towards the delivery of the cryptic eponymous word “pono”. It’s endearing and familiar, each element moving the song to a new place that keeps the energy alive. “Pono” is an exciting step for this unique artist.

I’m always hesitant with new rappers. Every line can make or break a song and I’m always holding my breath. Despite this, Clyde Kelly came in strong and stayed strong, spitting solid lines from the moment he started that had me nodding my head with a grin. The chorus is confident and fun, keeping such a solid vibe that’s supported by gritty production (full of organs, keys, and errant guitar lines). Clyde Kelly impressed me in a genre space that’s often had me cautiously optimistic and I’m stoked to hear what comes next from him!

TyC’s new song “Selfish” struck a chord with me. The artist’s father recently passed away from a heart attack and he wrote this as a form of catharsis. You can hear it in how he sings and everything from the guitar, to the vocal layers, to the production, carries that grief. The song starts with a voicemail from his father which immediately stings and brings you closer to the song. We get to know TyC through his honesty and we also get to know his father through the painful space it sounds like his passing created. It’s a rare and appreciated honesty that’s all-too-relatable for anyone who has experienced loss.

Nathan Irving
Nathan Irving (aka Nate Flaks) is a writer for WFNM & 1/2 of the electronic indie-pop duo Sleeping Lion.