WFNM Roundup #7 – UPSAHL, KAWALA, SVIBES, Strangers on the Internet, GoodNight the Satellite

“Rough” is UPSAHL’s killer new single. The production on this song is gripping; it starts with panning gritty elements in a jarring way, setting up UPSAHL’s vocals to be a comfortable focal-point. Her voice is distinct and full of energy accompanied by vocal stacks that add atmosphere to the song. I particularly love in the pre-chorus when the piano comes in and the vocals are swung; it’s an incredibly controlled & dynamic choice that makes the dive into the gritty & catchy chorus awesomely powerful. I’m looking forward to hearing UPSAHL’s future releases!

KAWALA has just released their EP “D.I.L.Y.D” which includes their song “Mighty River”. This track immediately starts with KAWALA’s distinct vocals and a constant, rhythmic guitar giving the verse motion. The harmony vocal that joins in is a perfect compliment, reminiscent of classic folk in an nostalgic and familiar kind of way. I really like how this song builds with only the guitar (it even goes acapella towards the end); it really shows the strength of the melody and the captivating quality of their vocals. Give their EP a listen!

SVIBES immediately drew me in with a falsetto and their dark synths. “Colored Walls/Fly Low” definitely leans towards the experimental, but the songwriting is strong and the interplay between the falsetto vocals and the main vocals is really fascinating. The production is dark and atmospheric, yet opens up to something bright and uplifting in the chorus. It’s a chill track that carries a powerful vibe!

“Missed Connection” by Strangers On The Internet is a disquieting song that kept me hooked. The vocals are haunting in how they float over the minimalistic production and dark bass. When the track drops a gritty synth carries a lead melody that feels just as haunting as the vocals. All the elements come together in a great way to create a tense atmosphere while maintaining a pop sensibility.

GoodNight The Satellite is back with their upbeat new track “Supernova”. This song has such a great vibe; a bit retro with an awesome groove and strong songwriting. The chorus melody (and the vocal layers that accompany it) feel wonderfully nostalgic and it cultivates a great mood. A great summer track to blast while driving with the windows down. It’s great to hear another track from GoodNight The Satellite and I’m looking forward to hearing what comes next!

Nathan Irving
Nathan Irving (aka Nate Flaks) is a writer for WFNM & 1/2 of the electronic indie-pop duo Sleeping Lion.