WFNM Roundup #9 – Friends At The Falls, Elijah Grae, Top Bunk, ZAXX

Friends At The Falls have recently released their single “Stay All Night”. It’s atmospheric, with a driving groove that keeps it moving from the moment the first kick lands. The vocals are relaxed and melodic while feeling familiar in a way that gives it a distinctly summer vibe. It’s a song that builds well and has a clear direction that it moves towards with a consistent energy. This is their first single of 2018, and having seen Friends At The Falls perform in Boston I’d say, they’re certainly worth keeping an eye on!

The talented Elijah Grae released a remix of his song “Rivals” feat. Rexx Life Raj & Johnny Maxwell. Drawing on the minimal, vocal-centric vibe of the original, this remix rises to a new heights with solid verses delivered smoothly by Rexx Life Raj & Johnny Maxwell. Both rappers have their own distinct style & tone that compliment & contrast each other in a really awesome way. This remix takes a solid song and breathes new life into it (like a proper remix should) while highlighting the new talents that lend their verses to “Rivals”.

Following their debut single “Figure It Out”, Top Bunk released their next single “Toothbrush”. A band aware of their style, the song starts centered around blasé vocals that are cool & relaxed. From there it cascades into a near-spoken word part reminding us to “hang loose, but don’t fall apart”. Top Bunk is experimenting with a blend of rock, electronic, and vocal manipulation that’s reminiscent of Rage Against The Machine with an awareness of this new decade of music. Top Bunk is bizarre, but deliberate; hanging loose, but never falling apart.

Following the success of his last single “Together”, ZAXX returns with his remix of Lookas & Able Heart’s song “On My Own”. The remix starts with a lush cascade of airy piano and atmospheric synths, slowly growing into something heavier & grittier. It’s a testament to ZAXX’s reinvention from big-room-house-head to emotionally-deliberate-composer and plots that journey for him as a producer while showcasing his genre-bending range. I’m looking forward to hearing how ZAXX develops and expands on this new direction.

Nathan Irving
Nathan Irving (aka Nate Flaks) is a writer for WFNM & 1/2 of the electronic indie-pop duo Sleeping Lion.