When it Rains it pours – Rainsford releases awesome new track.

Model, actress, creative director, singer-songwriter. Who’s the real Rainey Qualley? all of those things, obviously. She’s an incredibly gifted and equally hard-working artist whose overflowing talent has been gracing the world of music since her debut in 2015 with “Turn Down The Lights” released under her real name.

Since that time, he’s changed her stage name to Rainsford, and her style has evolved beyond the confines of Country music and into something that is a bit harder to pindown. The Rainsford sound is this cloudy and misty exercise in decluttering that strips music down to the essentials for an experience that promotes a very introspective type of listening. Sometimes the synth harmonies are closer to a silken veil she dresses her voice with than anything else.

Rainsford’s newest release is called “Brutal” and it features the Amazing Anna Of the North on supplemental vocals. The song is Rainey’s take on a precarious and confusing situation that a friend of hers was going through, a romance that seemed to be stuck in limbo but seen through the lens of Rainsford’s dream-like prose.  

Speaking on the release, Rainey said “‘Brutal’ is a really unique song for me because up until this point, pretty much all of the songs I’ve released have been based on my own experiences. I wrote ‘Brutal’ with Charlotte  Lawrence -“. This adds a layer of complexity and perspective that feels fresh and says a lot about her versatility as a songwriter. She continues by saying “we had been speaking about getting in the studio for a while. When we got in the studio, we had this vent session where Charlotte was talking about Something she was going through. While we were speaking, I was writing”

The new song thankfully isn’t a one-off that happened fortuitously. it marks a return to the Rainsford project after she took 2021 off to focus on her acting (one look at her IMDB shows she was indeed very busy) As far as what exactly she’s got lined up for release, we can’t tell, but she did say that it’s “a number of exciting projects down the pipeline, including a ton of new music collabs. “

One of Rainsford’s biggest moments so far came in 2018, before all of this Pandemic and lockdown business had started.  She released her critically-acclaimed EP, “Emotional Support Animal”  to a welcoming audience that saw her touring across the U.S. and Europe alike, finalizing in a sold-out show in the appropriately-rainy city of London. Hopefully this year, with her focus shifted to music once again, fans can get to have some of those sweet live gigs again real soon. 

Grant Owens

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