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when will it end archie

When Will It End?
The EP that encapsulates Archie’s emotions

It’s been a week since Archie released her EP When Will It End? 7 tracks aligned with the contemporary pop movement and whose name corresponds to a phrase the Seattle-Washington-born girl frequently uses to describe the weight the intense emotions she often finds herself experiencing.

“What I’m usually feeling lives at the junction of desire, nerves, hope, and misery. It’s a weird, big feeling and I find it so overwhelming but not exactly in a bad way…just a scary, exciting, titillating way that usually means I’m doing something new and unknown”, she said.

The record captures very many things. Death and legacy in For My Years, the force of desire in Instant Crush, strong boundaries in Die 4U, and the need to be our own allies in Flow. “These songs are subsequently my answers to these thoughts or at least help me to make better sense of the big feeling”.

Archie assures the album condenses the musical influence of Rina Sawayama, Marina and the Diamonds, Bonnie Tyler, and Lady Gaga among many other musical references that she has kept since her childhood.

The artist behind the EP

When Will It End? This is something you will often hear me exclaiming in my everyday life and what I’m usually jokingly asking is “when will I die and not have to feel so much anymore?

Focus and ambition are two words that describe Archie, but hope and desire are always present in her songs to make her audience feel they are never alone and that they should always leave a little room for magic in life. Actually, we shouldn’t be using the word audience, because what she wants to build is a community of friends that supports each other. Maybe it has to be with the fact that being an introvert in her personal life, music has allowed her to express herself more openly and become more engaged with the world around her.

Her voice is a conductor of emotions and the numbers speak for her. With nearly a million plays on Spotify and music that engages the mind and the soul, we are pretty sure this EP will make her shine even more than she already does.