Where is Maps – “Crazy Together” – FIRE ROUND: Four Reasons Why

Sweden-native Max Nilsson, more popularly know as Where is Maps, has blessed the world with debut self-titled EP. Proudly proving that he is no acceptation to Sweden’s uncanny knack for producing profound ingenuity is music, Where is Maps presents a sonic concoction that is both grounding and mind boggling– a guaranteed trip for the entire 12 minute and 55 second duration of the project.

Focusing on leading single “Crazy Together,” we’d like to share four reasons why we are feeling Where is Maps.

1. Nilsson’s smooth and classic R&B tone, catapulting us in a constant state of charm and swoon.

2. The iridescent, shimmering textures embedded in the track, leaving one feeling spacey af— quite similar to the homie featured on covert art.

3. The collection of synthesizers utilized, introducing an intriguing collection of sonorities and keeping the ear inclined at all times.

4. The languid groove inherent in the track, crisply snapping and popping, hypnotizing the listener into a series of passionate head bangs and body rolls.

Take a listen to the full EP below & be on the look out for more Where is Maps in the very near future.

Jessica Thomas