Willow the Cat – Things Ain’t Lookin the Same

Willow the Cat, the experimental hip-hop project of Eric Thompson, released a new single, “Things Ain’t Looking The Same (As They Were in the Summer).”

“Things Ain’t Looking The Same” is a breezy track that puts a tongue-in-cheek twist on common sad boy musings. The single is Willow the Cat’s second this year and a continuation of the dreamy themes in his most recent reminiscent release, “Peach.” 

The song’s hook has warm, familiar elements of modern R&B and indie pop that carry freshness  forward into the Spring season. In contrast, the verses throw it back to simpler days with an old-school flow, honest lyricism and nostalgic metaphors.

With “Things Ain’t Looking The Same,” Willow the Cat continues to relate to listeners’ longing for togetherness with catchy, lighthearted and lush compositions.

I wrote this song about a relationship that was fizzling and thinking about the whole thing like “is this a thing or not anymore?” I was pretty much hung up and aware of that, so my attitude bounces between optimistic and pessimistic. The hook is pretty down about the state of things and I’m just poking fun at myself for being a simp, but the verses have moments of hope. I think Simp-Hop is a good category for this song.

     -Willow the Cat

 In true Gemini fashion, Thompson clearly thrives in duality. His brand of hip-hop embraces elements of jazz, soul, and R&B while inviting in flavors of psychedelic rock. His process is paradoxical, shifting between lighthearted and dark subject matter, and teetering between masculine and feminine energy. “Things Ain’t Looking The Same” is one more single in a string of exciting releases throughout the year, and we are here for it all.

Chandler Juliet