WOLVES – Blast Off (Music Video) [PREMIERE]

WOLVES, a fast rising pop alternative duo from Los Angeles just released their latest single and music video entitled “Blast Off”, a truly perfect summer anthem that we have the sincere pleasure of premiering today. You may remember WOLVES from Season 2 of SONGLAND, or may have heard their music on BET, TNT, The CW’s “All American”, ESPN, and MLB. Phew! Sounds like they already blasted off, and the rest of us have some catching up to do.

This song is a certified bop and will have you howling out the window on your summer road trip. It immediately pulls you in with its mysterious and sexy opening, and explodes into its infectious chorus “Blast Off, Livin Young and Reckless” that will be in your head all year long. With catchy hooks and melodies floating over simplistic yet tight r&b and trap production, you’ll inevitably have this song on repeat. This track embodies good vibes and the feeling of celebration, joy, and is a perfect mood for the world opening up again, just in time for summer.

Prepare to smile. Check out the incredible music video for Blast Off HERE:

To perfectly complement the track, the music video was directed by up-and-coming director Alex Di Marco (Lauv, Khalid, Ashe). The unique and distinct choice to make the video in triangular aspect ratio is not only something I’ve never seen before, but also furthers the WOLVES’ brand (their logo is triangular) – a touch I truly appreciate.

WOLVES is breaking barriers and pushing the boundaries of modern music with their infectious blend of genres. Consisting of songwriters Marc Avery and Sean Carney, the two have created their own unique Pop Alternative sound.

Here’s what the duo had to say about their latest release:

“We wanted to make a song that felt like the turn up or pre-game song before the summer day parties. Sean played me the instrumental and it honestly sounded like a haze or cloud of smoke, I inhaled and exhaled a big red cup of positive vibes!”

– Lead singer Marc Avery

Having already earned top spots on the Billboard charts and heavy rotation on Sirius XM Hits 1, the duo hopes to inspire audiences across the globe and increase their evolution as artists and creators. WOLVES will no doubt continue to press the envelope of the forever changing musical landscape.

This incredible song and video speak for themselves: WOLVES are clearly an act to watch out for. Witnessing their evolution is truly inspiring, and I can’t wait to continue to watch them soar. Blast Off, baby.

Chandler Juliet