Xelli Island – 02 20 20

Xelli Island is the independent dream pop project of vocalist, songwriter Lianna Vanicelli. Hailing from Detroit and a blue-collar upbringing, the prideful half-Filipina, half-Italian made the leap to Los Angeles at the end of 2017 with barely enough money to last two months.

02/20/20 was the date the song was written. It was a significant day to me for many reasons. The song came from experiencing true serendipity. A lot of things in my life were falling into place pre-pandemic. That day, I was waiting for the train thinking about the millions of little things that have to work right in order for anything to happen (down to the bolts on my car staying in place for my engine to function properly). When you think about things that way, everything feels lighter. It’s a song about finding gratitude in even the most normal experiences.

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