Yoe Mase – Soldier (LP)

Yoe Mase has just released his album “Soldier”. It’s a powerful record, with a beautiful vibe, song highlighting Yoe Mase’s ability to be captivating with minimal production and incredible vocal layers. It’s clear this record has a lot of heart and a deliberate artistry that makes it an enjoyable experience from start to finish. This is the sound of a creative pulling the stops and being true to themselves as an artist!

Give “Soldier” a thorough listen!

In his words:
‘Soldier’ as a whole is about conflict. War, love and also a deep internal conflict… That theme is very prevalent in the music and the imagery used through out the album release. However if you dig deeper you see that the conflict isn’t that of war, or a relationship with a loved one but rather it is my relationship with music… As a young kid, my mother had an artist career and she loved what she did. In my opinion, she made some of the most beautiful songs ever written…After her 3rd album she gave up. I always wondered why. I always thought it was sad. She spent so many years trying to say something. She nearly succeeded at making her artistry work as a career, but she was burnt by the industry. She did not have a sufficient amount of money for producers or marketing to make her plans pan out.

When she stopped I was burnt in some way too. I felt the planet was a beautiful cold world. I started producing music when I was young… I wanted music to be my hobby and life would go on. Many years later, I realized songwriting was a passion I could never escape. Things were picking up for me, almost by accident. I felt I should pursue it…I wanted the album to almost seem as if it’s about a ‘Soldier of love’, but really it isn’t. It is about a someone internally conflicted with something they love and are passionate about, but not sure if perusing it is right. Is it ok to pursue your passion when it starts to pervert? Or should you always be true in the face of failure?

…I so desperately want life to pan out with music, unlike my mother. Maybe even at the cost of my soul. Maybe that is wrong, but it would be more wrong to not do what I love. That is the internal war I face daily and that is why I made ‘Soldier’” -Yoe Mase

Nathan Irving
Nathan Irving (aka Nate Flaks) is a writer for WFNM & 1/2 of the electronic indie-pop duo Sleeping Lion.