You’re not Daydreaming, it’s Bronsen Vidas.

If you haven’t heard of Bronsen Vidas before, today you have the chance to get in on the ground floor of an extremely promising musical career, so you too can say “yeah I liked him before he took off” like any self-respecting hipster. The former Jazz band musician and lounge pianist based out of L.A.honestly deserves your attention right now, and here’s why:

With well over a 120k combined streams on Spotify, Vidas seats neatly at the “Loved but largely undiscovered” tab as far as I’m concerned, and today we’re changing that, since his newest song ” You’re Just A Daydream” is so hypnotic and innovative that nobody will walk away indifferent.

If not clear from the name alone, ” You’re Just A Daydream” is about the ways people can worm their way into our dreams and fantasies even when things didn’t quite work out. “I thought I had been over her for a long time, but she continued to appear in my dreams. ” says Bronsen about the inspiration to this song, “I wanted to make this song as dramatic as possible in an attempt to mockingly reflect on old feelings for a lost love” he finalizes.

When looking at Bronsen Vidas’ music, one may easily get lost in the wide range of genres and influences he likes to dabble in, and however much his music seems experimental right now, I believe he will soon find a combination of sounds so enchanting and fresh, that it will just be impossible to combine it just once for a single song, and that will become the Bronsen Vidas sound of the future.

In the meantime, we’re witnessing a growing artist be as free, uncompromising, and unconventional as he possibly can- The man’s a free spirit gifting us with the process of his creative growth, and that’s a sweet deal if I ever saw one.

Grant Owens

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