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YVR – “How Can You Tell” – FIRE ROUND: Four Reasons Why

Dynamic duo Courtney and Stephen Stahl, professionally known as YVR, blend their yin & yang skill sets in their first release of 2020, “How Can You Tell.” A lyrically vulnerable but musically robust bop, the married couple give their audience a taste of their beautifully symbiotic relationship.

Without further ado, four reasons why we are feeling YVR’s “How Can You Tell.”

1. Courtney’s silky soft and relaxed tone, a perfect fit for the pop music realm– she sounds familiar but awe striking, leaving the listener engrossed from her very first utterance.

2. The driving and consistently evolving rhythmic lines. Stephen’s driving production is emphatic but not overpowering, allowing for the ideal foundation upon which Courtney can present her message.

3. Specifically the harpsichord (I believe…) or whatever glorious instruments enters with gusto at 1:53, giving the listener a sort of sonic Easter egg, a satisfying change of instrumentation and ear-perking timbre.

4. Call us sappy but these lyrics from a married couple? Dubbed as their “most honest and vulnerable songs yet,” Courtney muses on how her love somehow knows her better than she knows herself. Brb swimming in a pool of tears knowing that love is in fact very real.