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YVR – Nights Days (EP)

YVR has just released their debut EP “Night Days” and it’s absolutely stellar. Featuring their recent single “Heartless” and the powerful single that first introduced me to them “Messy”, this EP debuts new songs like “Love First” that teem with unwavering pop sensibility.

It’s clear from song to song that this duo shines both in their masterfully hooky songwriting and their tasteful synths and sound design!

If this “Night Days” is any indication, YVR is a force to be reckoned with and the future looks bright for this budding pop duo!

In their words:
There are endless distractions during the day which is why our creative minds peak at night. ‘Night Days’ is a collection of 6 songs that focuses on personal relationships and life experience. We poured ourselves into every lyric, melody and sound.” -YVR