zleephouse – “No Performance”

Singer-songwriter zleephouse has released his first single of 2021, “No Performance” – an alternative pop soliloquy lamenting on the end of a relationship. He brings us more of a euphoric and dreamlike sound compared to the  throwback G-Funk energy of his previous single, “thru the night”.

When the world came to a screeching halt in March of 2020, we all had to address our own personal shortcomings, as if looking at a strange snapshot of where we found ourselves (without the rest of the world to distract us from ourselves). zleephouse found himself in a situation that led him to leave a relationship with someone he truly loved in order to grow up and handle his life situation. I think this is something we all can relate to in some way, as we all continue to rebuild our life in this new paradigm.

Here’s what the artist had to say about his latest track:

“‘No Performance’ signifies the end of a relationship, but not in a toxic way. I realized that I had to end a relationship with a girl I really loved because I knew I wasn’t in a place to be in one.”


zleephouse is a singer-songwriter at heart, but he takes a lot of pride in having a hand in all aspects of his career, especially the production process. He draws his musical inspiration from the ability to use his art to express some of the traumatic experiences he’s been through in order to help others relate.

While zleephouse has only released a few tracks to date, his diverse and versatile songwriting abilities have shown that he is capable of not only creating alternative pop tracks over G-Funk and hip-hop beats, but also creating thematic and substantial worlds around his music under his label and partner, 405thelabel.

Chandler Juliet